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Poll: Should smoking in cars with children be illegal?

Stacey Reporter from Stuff

Do you support the ban on smoking and vaping in cars with children?

The Government intends to make it illegal to smoke and vape in vehicles when people younger than 18 are inside. But police say it would be dishing out fines those who could least afford to pay them. To read more, click here

Should smoking in cars with children be illegal?
  • 61.5% Yes
    61.5% Complete
  • 20.5% No
    20.5% Complete
  • 18% I thought it was already illegal!
    18% Complete
1889 votes
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8 hours ago

Buy a Rangi Kipa reusable bag to support Parenting Place

The Warehouse New Zealand

The Warehouse is proud to support Parenting Place this month, hosting their Peel & Reveal competition at all our checkouts. You have to be in to win!

In addition, all proceeds from our Rangi Kipa reusable bags currently in store at checkouts will go to Parenting Place. Parenting Place exists to walk alongside whānau from the moment their little ones are born, until the time they raise tamariki of their own. Visit parentingplace.nz for more information.
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13 hours ago

Original poetry post 2

Andrea from Eden Terrace

Rise, my coat of Armour

Rusting now, fading in the corner
Only a glimpse of reflection now and then
Is the skin I wore not that long ago
But have not shed, merely stored
For darker days when the sun shall
Surely set and the soul robbers
Arise to hack through my shield
Not dressed in black or as gothics would
Rather no particular style of guilt
Who take from you all that you have built
Smiling well dressed people educated in the art
Of deceit lead you on in a dance
As long as it is to be beat of their feet
When you move with agility out of their way
And cast aside your armour they pierce you once more
So back you go to your corner and wipe off the dust
And wear your shield once more.

18 hours ago