75 days ago

Interior house painter

Eleshea from Grey Lynn

Hi I’m looking for a professional painter to paint my apartment (ceilings and walls). I’ve bought the paint already and the house is furnished. I don’t have dropcloths, brushes or scaffolding.

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45 minutes ago

Give your child the upper hand with MEC

Music Education Centre Ponsonby

Studies have shown that playing a musical instrument utilises both sides of the brain and helps develop new, stronger neural pathways.


13 hours ago

Fancy a toe-tapping night out?

Karaoke Boiz

New Zealand's newest comedy musical Karaoke Boiz is on during Auckland Pride 2019 (7 - 16 Feb)!

This hilarious 1-hour show follows Wayne “King of Karaoke” in his search for the perfect band. Join him on his journey down the Waikato to discover new friends, foes and the biggest pop band to ever grace the planet.

Director Tom Sainsbury says 'This play is just so much fun! It's all the great karaoke numbers - ‘Proud Mary’, ‘Don't Stop Me Now’ and ‘Call Me’, as well as toe-tapping dance numbers and kiwi humour!”

This stellar stand-out cast of 10 musical performers is pure perfection... This should really be on at The Civic!
Get your tickets here!

13 hours ago

What does success look like for you?

Prosper by Design

Two years ago, success meant lots of money, working hard at something that looked good in society and having loads of things.

Now success means having lots of time, working hard at something I enjoy and makes me feel empowered, and having loads of experiences and precious moments.

Because of this global online business I have changed my mindset around what is possible, and now I am living a life, based on my version of success.

If you want to lift your game in 2019, then reach out and make contact. Our team is expanding rapidly and we’re looking to mentor 10 further online entrepreneurs.
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