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The after mass

Corran from Rangiora

Saw this this comment on Quora Digest: ‘As a Trump follower how, many people are willing for others to die from the virus for the sake of reopening the economy. So, I wondered how many of those here in our wonderful country of NZ are willing to allow others to die while they complain/moan about what the government did, How the lockdown affected about their business, The unemployment. About the budget about this and that??? Or are they grateful for what the Government did instead. Better than just everyone else in the world. Funny thing was just about everyone I talked to while in lockdown said the Government

wasdoing the right thing. Now I hear some of these same people moaning!!! Hum.

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Holiday in NZ


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Ann-Marie from Rangiora

energy club shut up shop has anybody had the patience to find other companies besides contact thanks

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