71 days ago

Marian’s Walk will Inspire Youth to Take On the Challenge of Life

The Team from Graeme Dingle Foundation

For Marian Campbell, walking the length of New Zealand is a way of both inspiring young people to find a pathway in life, and paying homage to the people who have inspired her.

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5 days ago

political propaganda

Matt from Motueka

Did anyone else recieve some political propaganda from the prime minister today via neighbourly? I did. It consisted of a list of all the things she failed to achieve dressed up as actual achievements, a little bit of spin and an outright lie or two. I was kind of shocked and disappointed that Neighbourly allowed a message like that on the platform. This shouldn't be the kind of place to blow a political trumpet.

8 days ago

High Street intersection - King Edward Street and Old Wharff Road

Louise from Motueka

Many of our local residents of Motueka and beyond including tourists who come into Motueka will be familiar with this intersection. Local residents have asked NZTA to redesign this intersection many times over the last 15 - 20 years and nothing has been done. Recently NZTA did a survey along the whole of High Street
and still nothing has been done. I cross this intersection twice daily and risk my life as hundreds of others do. I'm not sure about the truth of this statement but - 'if enough residents complain to NZTA they have to investigate the complaints regarding this intersection'. So I'm urging all local residents to email NZTA and complain about this dangerous intersection. Please share this will all local residents and people you know who come through High Street and King Edward Street on a regular basis and fear for their lives - MAYBE COLLECTIVELY we can achieve what so far has been 'ZILCH' and make NZTA sit up and take notice - THIS IS A DANGEROUS INTERSECTION! and needs remedial action ASAP!

19 hours ago

Trio of restaurants to open in Richmond

Cherie Sivignon Reporter from The Nelson Mail

Sal's Authentic New York Pizza, Mexican eatery Zambrero and Japanese restaurant Aki Kitchen are to open in Richmond early next year. As Richmond grows, do you dine/shop in Nelson less?