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Thousands of Kiwis given a helping hand

Julia de Ruiter from The Salvation Army NZ

We want to say a big thank you to everyone who supported Colgate-Palmolive's recent appeal! Thanks to the generosity of Colgate- Palmolive and Countdown shoppers, more than 10,000 toiletries and household cleaning items have been donated to Salvation Army foodbanks around the country.

Jono Bell, Territorial Director of The Salvation Army’s Community Ministries says the items are essential to help people stay healthy in the winter period. These include personal and oral hygiene items, along with cleaning products for the home.

Colgate-Palmolive also donated $10,000 to The Salvation Army’s transitional housing programme in Porirua which helps vulnerable mothers and their children with housing and wrap around support.

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Counsellor candidates comments

Sue from Motueka

The Motueka Pool Fundraising committee sent this question to the TDC Counsellor candidates and here are their replies:
“Do you support the Motueka Community Swimming Pool and how will you work to get TDC funding to assist with Building and Operating Costs along with longer term management of the facility.”

Paul Dixon-Didier

Thank you for your important email and the supporting attachment.

I reiterate my response given at last Wednesday’s meeting


1. I fully support the Motueka Community Swimming Pool project. Whilst, from a Governance perspective, this shows a predetermined view of the matter I believe this is justified in this instance. Councillors should consider any matter based on the supporting evidence and information provided but I can scarcely conceive of any arguments that would persuade me that the MCSP would not be a fantastic and important resource for Motueka on its own merit. We are of course talking about the Tasman District Council, not the Richmond District Council.

2. From a capital funding perspective I appreciate that the support of TDC is vital to the project in order to garner support from other agencies. It seems that MCSP has tapped in to all the available funding avenues – Rata, Lotteries, commercial sponsorship and community fundraising. A major benefactor would be a wonderful bonus

3. As I stated at last week’s meeting I have confidence that the operational funding assurances given by Fred Hickling would be robust and accurate. I wonder if projections are available if the facility were available for 12 months of the year? From the personal perspective of a newly retired person I would be far more likely to use the pool during the winter months when a dip in the sea or river is a less attractive proposition. I think that few comparisons can be drawn between the operational costs/annual deficit of operating the Richmond Aquatic Centre as compared to the costs of running a streamlined, fit for purpose, no frills heated pool at Motueka.

In addition:

4. I appreciate that MCSP supporters would want to submit a proposal to TDC that they would consider to be most likely to find support from a funding perspective (both capital and operational funding) however I question the wisdom of this. I would be more in favour of combining stages 1 and 2 of the project so that a fully heated pool is available for 12 months use from the outset. As sometimes happens with such projects the “Stage 2” part can become protracted and subject to major cost escalation. Far better to get the project fully completed and the optimum income stream rolling in from the outset. Furthermore, from a pragmatic point of view, I understand that there would be considerable advantages if the pool, currently at 33 ⅓ yards in length, could be fitted with a moveable bulkhead set at 25 metres so that the pool could be used for competition use which would considerably improve usage and revenue potential. I would welcome cost estimates to achieve this.

Thanks for the opportunity to clarify/add to my earlier position on the MCSP. I give you my absolute assurance that the above is my sincere position on this issue and I am not stating a politically strategic view in order to gain voter support.

Trevor Norriss

Thanks Ross/Fred, I have been kept up to the outlines of where the project has been up by my good friend Barry Dowler. As for supporting the project the answer is yes. As for funding, If elected I will be able to refresh myself with where council finances are at, One option I will explore is that there is a Budget of 5 million for the proposed re siting of the Motueka Library to Decks Reserve which for a number of reasons I do not support, It is the only decent sized green space in central Motueka and parking during the day is maxed out now, In my time on council(18yrs) the Takaka Library had a budget of approx. 3 million from memory, Cr Noel Riley from Golden Bay at the time and myself being ex builders asked them to provide us a floor plan an put it out for design and build pricing, The result was a building fit for purpose costing $850.000,Don't get me wrong I'm not opposed to an upgrade of our Library but I believe there are more cost effective solutions on the present site. So just maybe the moneys already there, Save a heap on the library an put the savings into the Pool Regards Trevor.

Trindi Walker - Trindi has also put her name forward for the Motueka Communioty Board

Dear Mr Hickling,

Firstly, I’d like to apologise for my tardiness in responding. As you may imagine there are many demands, requests and surveys for Motueka Ward candidates to address and each of which requires a thorough considered response.

In principal I support the proposal that Motueka has a Community Swimming Pool – it is not unlike the reasons for the Community Recreation Centre. I researched the project initiated by Bryan Faulkner and it is quite clear to me that there is significant public support for a facility of this nature.

I was very interested to read in your proposal and the opinion you have formed, that if the Tasman District Council TDC contributed to the proposed scheme, other major funders, including Rata and the Lotteries Commission would be moved to come aboard. This is a very encouraging and a positive means with which to advance the project.

Nonetheless, I trust that you are not too dismayed that your scheme has not yet attracted greater public and therefore TDC support. Perhaps there are some awkward concessions required by several different agencies including the school and the land owners to resolve? There are other issues of staffing, safety and divisions of costs and revenue that will inevitably have to be addressed. In this respect any funding from the TDC will have to be very carefully assessed and balanced against other competing demands.

The scheme you are leading is an extra expense for the Council to fund, however I do appreciate that it is a modest sum in the overall budget. (Based on the figures you have provided, please note, I have not seen a budget). Some of those costs will be offset by users and sponsors. Nonetheless there is an obvious need for the facility and with direct benefits to the Motueka community, especially in winter. Nevertheless, I feel that your project can only be seen as an interim solution to the question of providing a purpose built swimming pool complex that is available year-long within Motueka.

Your commitment to upgrade the high school swimming pool and to build a new aquatic based health facility is commendable and in our collective best interests. There are many reasons, health – wellbeing, fitness for young, the elderly and those in between, education - water safety for example, all of which support the need for our own accessible pool. The use of the upgraded facility will certainly encourage greater public support for a new purpose built, aquatic centre to meet the needs of our people in less than half a generation’s time. It is also the type of project that local businesses will want to support – with appropriate encouragement by civic leaders of course.

We do need to think longer term about recreational and sports facilities for our community. Motueka’s population is increasing in size and very quickly too. It is unlikely that many of the existing resources will be large enough in say ten years’ time and beyond to accommodate the increased demand. There is thus a critical need for strategic thinking about this subject now, to programme and satisfy the increasing requirements for our immediate region.

The leadership and vision you have expressed to upgrade the facility at Motueka High School is very much in our community’s best interests and I for one certainly support your endeavours and wish you well. In this respect we are both on the same side.

My voice would be heard at council meetings supporting the project you, your colleagues and members of the public are working so hard to achieve, but also to articulate and plan for a new purpose built Aquatic Centre for Motueka.

Claire Hutt mot

After looking through the attached letter and following a phone conversation with Fred Hickling this afternoon, my answer to your question is;

Yes I do support the Motueka Community Swimming Pool. I believe this would be an asset to the Motueka township and surrounding areas. Swimming lessons on offer at the pool would be of huge benefit for the safety of our future generations. I know a lot of people who take their children for swimming lessons in Mapua or Richmond. Learning to swim at a young age surrounded by coastline is extremely important, as well as our competitive swimmers. As far as funding goes, I believe the community would be more and happy to pay for the annual operating costs. Even if it was only funded by the Motueka Ward area of 12,500 people. This would only equate to $4 a year per household. As far as the approx $600k for funding the covering of the pool, new changing rooms and pool surrounds, this should be discussed in greater detail around the new council table following elections. This cost can be a district wide funded project, being approx a one-off cost of $15 per household. One thing I do want to look at once elected is the efficiency of work being contracted out by TDC. Improving cost efficiency in various areas would more than fund the $600k contribution for the pool. ie 5 guys coming over from Nelson to fill in one pot hole, plus his Supervisor.....ok a slight exaggeration, but you get my point 

I hope this clarifies my views on this.

David Ogilvie

Hi Ross and Fred,

I support the Pool, & have advocated financial support from the Council on other occasions previously, principally as a Community Board member.

Currently, I’ve been talking with Council’s Recreation Officer, Lani Evans, with Pool Committee members (& Lions Club representative ) to advance a further approach to the Council. Another meeting is due in order to discuss the proposed capital & operational budgets with the Managers of the Richmond Aquatic Centre. This meeting will include the Pool Committee & Lions Club as well.

The process will require the project to be on the Council’s Annual Plan 2020-2021, & if this isn’t possible to be included in Council’s Long Term Plan 2021-2031.

Advocacy needs to be strong & persistent from the Motueka community, to persuade the Mayor, Council and the relevant senior staff, of the merits of the Motueka Swimming Pool to meet the recreational needs of a wide range of people with a wide range of ages in a wide district. The district covers the Motueka ward & will extend to Ngatimoti , Mapua & Upper Moutere.

Barry Dowler

I support the Motueka Swimming Pool Project and if elected to Council, will do my best to get the Council to put some funding into the upcoming review of the Long Term Plan. This is where the funding for any project gets sorted. Working a way forward with Staff will be critical to any outcome. Regards Barry Dowler

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Traffic volume tipped to double around Richmond

Cherie Sivignon Reporter from The Nelson Mail

An experienced traffic engineer says the completion of the Richmond West Development Area is expected to generate about 12,000 additional vehicle movements a day on top of about 11,000 already travelling along Lower Queen St in Richmond. Isn't it busy enough now?

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House wash and more

Meredith from Motueka

I have just had our patio roof top and underneath, gutters cleaned and large outside tiled area cleaned by Graham from All Wash house wash gpsnelson.nz...
An amazing service at reasonable prices I totally recommend
Thank you Graham