Safe Man Safe Family

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Safe Man Safe Family
12A Miami Street
Mangere East
Auckland 2024

Safe Man Safe Family (SMSF) is a volunteer-led charitable trust doing innovative and effective peer-led work tackling domestic violence. We aim to reduce the legacy of intergenerational violence, while promoting public discussion, to increase community understanding about its far-reaching personal and economic (estimated $4-7 billion per annum) effects.
SMSF was founded 10 years ago by Vic Tamati (face of the It’s Not OK campaign and himself an ex-victim and ex-perpetrator of violence), to create a more effective stopping violence programme.
In January he was recognised for his work, in the NZ Honours list.
The SMSF programme uniquely targets those who have committed acts of violence (most of whom were victims themselves in childhood) to work with reformed peers. For these men, working with others who have “walked in their shoes”, is often the only thing that breaks through the violence cycle.
Our vision is that our programmes will eventually be offered nationwide to create more secure, stable and supported communities, to enable communities to tackle domestic violence at its core, and keep our families and society safe.

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