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Sea Venturer Scouts for young people aged 14 to 17 - e mail


Calliope Venturer Unit Information


Here’s some info on being a Venturer and making the experience a worthwhile and enjoyable journey.

Your Venturer Leaders are here to help guide and mentor you through this process, and to ensure what your planning is safe, please note you guys are to come up with the ideas for your unit programme, remember, if it’s not fun, then who’s to blame???



Anyway, please read on…..

Our Facebook Page, yes we have one!

This seems to be the best way in communicating with our unit, and remember it’s a two way process! If you don’t have a Facebook page, let the leaders know, and we can e mail information to you.

It is ‘closed group’ where our unit programme posted, so you’ll either need to be invited, or you can ask to become a member of the group.

We have a meeting once a term to decide our unit programme, and then this will be set up as an event on our Facebook page.

You must agree / decline the event or activity 24 hours in advance so the leaders know who is attending, we need a minimum number of three to go ahead with the evening. If we don’t get a minimum of three Venturers, then the evening will be cancelled, please commit as early as you can!

Click on the link below or search for Calliope Venturers on Facebook:


Calliope Sea Scouts have a Group Website:

You can find information on the group, see photo’s etc, it does look a bit old and outdated, and so if you want a project of designing a better website for our group, then that could count towards your Venturer Award.


Scouting New Zealand - Home Page:

I suggest you have a look around this website, it’s full of great resources, and I recommend you register as a member.

The link below takes you to the Venturer section, in here you will see a record card, download it, fill it in, save a copy for yourself and e mail a copy to:

Do this as soon as possible!!!


Courses for you to complete:

This link details the training courses for Scouts and Venturer Scouts, as a Venturer, you now need to start leading and managing your own programme, the Leaders are there to help you, but it’s now time to start planning your own self development.                                   


Venturer Award Scheme Info is here:                                                                                                      

I’m hoping to purchase record card books for you, but in the meantime, check out what your award scheme is. Some of you may wish to do your Queen Scout Award one day, this is a huge achievement if you are up for the challenge.

You can also complete your Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award:

Your membership Fees and registration:

Fees are set annually by the parent Committee, taking into account the projected running expenses for the year. An annual levy of approx $80 per person is made by the National Scout Association and this is included in the fee set.

Fees must help cover the programme costs and some maintenance on building and equipment, insurance, leader training, etc. They cannot hope to cover upgrading and replacement of boats, the ramp, or other major projects.

The Annual Fees for both Kea's, Cubs's, Scout's and Venturers is $180.00. The Fees are worked on a Pro Rata basis, i.e. depending on the time of year your child commences. They are as follows - Commencing Term 1 - $180.00, Commencing Term 2 - $180.00, Commencing Term 3 - $135.00 and Commencing Term 4 - $90.00.


If you have already been a scout, then it’s likely that your already registered and just need to be transferred over to the Venturer section, your parents should complete this.

We use a service called Club Hub to register and sort out payment of your annual subscriptions: