Adult Literacy Rural Trust

Community Organisation

Adult Literacy Rural Trust
19 Ocean View Road
Tuakau 2695

Adult Literacy Rural Trust works with rural and isolated adults who, because of family breakdown, ill-health, itinerancy or other causes, did not gain literacy and numeracy skills when younger and now cannot access other adult literacy services – usually because of living in an isolated rural area. Our focus is on distance learning, reaching those who cannot access the adult literacy centres available. Most Rural Education Adult Programmes (REAP) centres do not have trained adult literacy staff and adult literacy centres expect learners to attend their centres, always in urban areas or larger towns. The clients we work with live too far away to do this even once a week. We can give them a volunteer coach 3-5 times a week for 30 minutes a day so they practice almost every day which speeds up learning. We do this via Skype, email and phone which has the added benefit of teaching them basic computer skills. However literacy tuition does not occur in a vacuum. When a parent (or friend) starts to improve their literacy skills, those close to that person have a role model to follow. Adult literacy tuition affects generations of a family, not just one person, and there is a ripple affect extending not just downwards to children and grandchildren, but outwards into the community as well. Adult Literacy learners are more likely to make their voice heard on community matters, to mentor and advocate for others in their community and less likely to be involved in crime.