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How is Neighbourly different to a neighbourhood mailing list?

Neighbourly was designed to act as a utility for neighbours to communicate, share and help each other, whilst maintaining high levels of security and privacy. Neighbourly offers a wide range of benefits compared with traditional neighbourhood mailing lists including:

  • A neighbourhood directory, containing real contact and profile information, making it possible to really get to know your neighbours.
  • A neighbourhood map.

  • The ability to create open or closed groups within the neighbourhood.

  • The ability for members to control the number of emails they receive based on the types of updates they want to be notified about. Members can choose to receive emails about each new post, view the day's activity in a daily digest, or turn off emails and check the website for new posts from neighbours. 

  • An Urgent Alerts feature, which makes it easy to send out urgent information.

  • A recommendations section, which archives recommendations by category, making it much easier to browse and find information over time.

  • A local business directory, providing a one stop shop for local businesses and services. 

  • The ability to create and RSVP to events.

  • Classifieds categories, which make exchanging between neighbours quicker and easier.

  • A dedicated Crime & Safety section.