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Can I post controversial topics or non-local issues on Neighbourly?

We encourage Neighbourly members to discuss neighbourhood issues that matter to them in a way that is constructive, civil, and builds community. It's important to keep discussions on Neighbourly community-appropriate.

Members should avoid posting personal opinions on non-local issues, or topics that are widely known to be controversial or polarising (such as religion, politics, vaccinations or water fluoridation).

If you do wish to raise a topic on Neighbourly that does not directly relate to your community, we recommend setting up a group for these discussions. 

If debates about controversial topics are causing disharmony among neighbours, you may be required to take the discussion away from the general newsfeed and post in a group or via private message instead. You may also be asked to continue a repeated community issue discussion in a group rather than on the general noticeboard to avoid agenda-pushing. The Neighbourly Guidelines still apply in groups.

Fake news, misinformation, conspiracy theories or any other content that could cause harm is not tolerated on Neighbourly, and will removed from groups and the general newsfeed.