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Hijacking posts on Neighbourly

When adding replies to a post on Neighbourly, these should always relate to the original post to avoid confusion for participants, and to show respect for both the original poster and other members who wish to participate in the original discussion. 

Hijacking a post is when replies are added on Neighbourly that raise an unrelated topic or push a specific agenda. This can result in the discussion getting off track, preventing the original poster from finding answers to their questions or receiving the advice they're seeking from their community. 

You can report any comments that you consider to be off topic by cliking the '...' button and selecting "Report this message". This sends a silent alert to the Neighbourly Team for review. 

If there is a new topic you would like to raise in relation to a post you have spotted on Neighbourly, consider starting a new post, or contacting the poster via private message.

If you see a topic on Neighbourly that you don't agree with, please check out these guidelines before responding.