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Who are Neighbourly Leads?

Neighbourly Leads are a key part of Neighbourly communities.

Leads are active Neighbourly members who volunteer to help make the site a positive and useful community resource for their suburb. Leads contribute in different ways such as taking time to welcome new neighbours, contribute local content, support fellow members should they require help, keep an eye on posts within their area, and spread the word about Neighbourly in their community and beyond.

The Neighbourly team is looking for enthusiastic and active members who would like to make a difference in their communities by using the site as a tool for neighbour-to-neighbour connection and local information sharing. Ultimately we hope there will be 3-5 Leads in every suburb in New Zealand. Neighbourly Leads are given some elevated privileges across the site including the ability to remove inappropriate messages, send more invitation letters each month, and access the nation-wide Leads Forum to netowork with other Leads. 

It's easy to apply to be a Lead in your Neighbourly community. If you enjoy using Neighbourly frequently and want to make a positive difference where you live - apply to join the team and give it a go! 

Note: The Neighbourly Lead selection process is taken seriously and Neighbourly reserves the right to remove Lead privileges at any time.