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Adding staff members to your business profile

Adding staff members to your business profile is a great way to show your community who else works at your business.  

You can also give staff members administration access so they can access the business profile using their own Neighbourly logins. 

To add staff members using your computer

  • On your business profile, click the blue EDIT BUSINESS button
  • Choose STAFF from the left-hand menu
  • Enter staff email. Each staff member you add will need a unique email address.
  • Tick CAN MANAGE ACCOUNT to give your staff member administrative access - this means they can edit and post as your business
  • Click on DISPLAY THIS STAFF MEMBER to make them visible under the 'Who works here' section of your business profile. You can also include their name or job title
  • Click SAVE

Your staff members do not need an existing Neighbourly account. If they are new to Neighbourly they will be sent an email asking them to set a password for their new account.

If your staff already have an account using the email address you’ve entered, the business profile will be connected to their personal profile, and they will be able to switch between using Neighbourly as a neighbour and as a business.

To remove a staff member from your business profile, simply click on the X next to their email address and click SAVE.