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Neighbourly Market - Best practices

To ensure buyers and sellers have a good experience using Neighbourly Market, refer to the guidelines below. 


- Do not use Neighbourly Market for promoting your business or an ongoing service you offer. This includes promoting network marketing brands and products, such as Tupperware, Scentsy and Avon. Please create a business profile for any messages with a commercial focus. 

- Be clear about the quality of your items, and include good quality images.

- Create a new listing for each item you are selling or giving away (unless you are selling or giving away your things as a bundle). 

- Mark your item as sold by selecting a winner - this informs other members that your item is no longer available.

- Stay in contact with anyone interested in your items to ensure no one is left hanging. If it's easier to stay in touch away from Neighbourly, share your email address or phone number in a private message.

- Avoid changing the price on your listing if members have already expressed their interest. 

- Consider listing an unsold item as Free if you're keen to see it moved along.


- Do not onsell items you have purchased or claimed without expressly discussing this with the person passing them on.

- Avoid over-claiming free items - if you are not personally in need of a free item or have recently claimed one, please allow some time before claiming others. This ensures other members can also benefit from their neighbours' generosity.

- If you're on the hunt for several items (eg you are furnishing your house from scratch), post a smessage in the BUY category listing all items you're seeking. 

- Stay in contact with the seller - stick to the arranged collection time, or let them know if your plans have changed.

- Avoid questioning the price a seller is asking for, unless they have listed their item as negotiable.

 - Pay it forward: If you've scored a free item, consider listing something free yourself to keep the community spirit alive!


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