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Call to Action Button

The Call to Action Button is a customisable button that you can add to your Premium Business profile. You can use the Call to Action Button to direct your Neighbourly profile viewers to your website.

Consider the action that you would like your profile visitors to take. You could want them to phone you directly, book an appointment online or visit the weekly specials page on your website.

To add a Call to Action Button to your Premium Business profile using your computer

  • Click on the EDIT BUSINESS button
  • Choose CALL TO ACTION BUTTON from the left menu
  • Add a CALL TO ACTION HEADING - this text appears above your button
  • Add a BUTTON LABEL - this is the text that appears on the button itself
  • Add a URL - this is where the button directs to
  • Click on SAVE

Your button label should prompt your profile visitors to take action. Below are some examples to get you started. 

  • Book now
  • Learn more
  • Contact us
  • Start free trial
  • Register now
  • Find us here
  • Ring me
  • View special offer
  • Buy now
  • Call me today
  • Want more?
  • Find a class
  • Order free sample
  • Email us
  • Call for a quote
  • Sign up
  • Join now
  • Need help?