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How do I update my business images?

Including images on your Neighbourly business profile is a great way to ensure your profile stands out to potential customers.  

The profile image is the small square image that appears by your business name whenever you post. This is a great place to use either your business logo or a photo of yourself. 

The cover image is the larger, decorative banner image across the top of your profile. 

The recommended sizes for business images are:

  • Profile image: 1 x 1 ratio (square) eg. 200 x 200 pixels
  • Cover image: 4 x 1 ratio eg. 1200 x 300 pixels

You may need to resize or crop your images before you upload them to ensure they are the best fit for your Neighbourly business profile. Don't worry if you don't know how to do this, as you can use the image cropping tool when uploading your images. 

You can upload jpg or png files (TIFF or pdf files are not suitable).

To update your business images using your computer

  • Click on the EDIT BUSINESS button
  • Choose PROFILE AND COVER IMAGES from the left menu
  • Click on UPDATE IMAGE
  • Select a file from your computer
  • Click OPEN
  • Change the cropping box size by clicking and dragging from the corner. You can move the cropping box by clicking inside the box and dragging the box over your image.
  • Once you are happy, click CROP
  • Click on SAVE


  • The profile image overlaps the left corner of the cover image on your business page. It's best to choose a cover image that is decorative, rather than one with important information that may not all be visible. 
  • Check out your business page and the business directory to see how your business profile looks to Neighbourly members.