How can we help you?

What are public posts?

Public posts are messages that can be seen by people beyond your Neighbourly community - by both Neighbourly members and non-members. Whenever you make a post on Neighbourly you are given the choice to make this a public post. 

You might wish to post publicly to:

  • Share events such as fundraisers, garage sales, community fairs or school productions you would like to promote far and wide
  • Help locate missing pets or items that may have been lost beyond your neighbourhood
  • Advertising a house for rent or something for sale
  • Share your Neighbourly content via other social media channels / email / newsletter / website

Where are public posts displayed?

Public posts are displayed on a neighbourhood's public noticeboard (known as 'public notices').

Are replies on public posts also public?

No. Only Neighbourly members can see replies. To view replies on a public post, members need to sign in to Neighbourly first. Non-members will need to create an account.  

Will a public post share my personal details?

Members beyond your own neighbourhood and non-members will only see your name, suburb and profile picture.

To make a public post

  • Click in the white box that reads POST A MESSAGE, EVENT, POLL OR URGENT ALERT TO NEIGHBOURS
  • Choose the neighbours you want to post to (ie the newsfeeds where you would like your message to appear)
  • Tick the box next to 'Public message'
  • Add a subject
  • Write your message
  • Select a posting category
  • Upload an image or document if you wish to
  • Click the POST button

Please note: If you wish to exchange personal or sensitive information or continue a public post conversation privately, it's best to private message a member instead.