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What is a National message?

'National message' is a posting tool that allows Premium businesses with a Multi Listing Dashboard to create a post from their business listings. This is not a message that is posted nationally to all members. 

A National message is a post that can be shared on behalf of your Premium business listings. This message will appear in the Neighbourly newsfeed as if posted from each local branch separately. You can make the post from all of your business listings or select individual branches from your list.

To use this tool, select ‘National message’ from the menu on the left of the page. You can select to send a regular message or a poll. Here you’ll see the option ‘Pick Branches’ where you can choose to send from all branches or pick the ones you want.

Once you click the blue ‘Post’ button your message will be live on the site in all locations straight away. If you have selected 5 businesses, 5 individual posts will be created (one post from each business). For this reason it’s a good idea to make sure all of the details in your message are correct before hitting ‘Post’. You can edit your posts after they have been created but you will have to edit each post individually.