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The Neighbourly Business Fair Use Policy

Neighbourly business posts should be both useful and relevant to your community to ensure members have a good experience on the site while business posts attract the most engagement possible.

The below Fair Use Policy applies to all business members using a Neighbourly Business or Premium Business profile. 

The Neighbourly Business Fair Use Policy*

  • Commercial (product, service or discount focused) messages can be made from a Neighbourly business profile a maximum of once per week
  • Business posts should be relevant and beneficial to the community and members
  • Replies to neighbours' posts are only made if you are adding a genuinely relevant comment and wish to assist (ie do not simply post a link to your website; explain why you would like to help your neighbour)
  • Do not hijack others’ posts to push/promote your own product/brand unless a member has specifically asked for help in your area of expertise
  • Avoid bumping posts
  • Do not post the same message if the first one didn’t get enough engagement. Consider a fresh approach. 
  • Private messaging (Neighbourly inbox) should not be used to promote your business
  • Abide by the Neighbourly Guidelines at all times

All posts made on the Neighbourly platform using a Neighbourly Business or Premium Business profile are subject to our Fair Use Policy. Breaching the Fair Use Policy guidelines may result in a Business profile being deactivated. 

*Last updated 28 June 2016