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Using the Lead neighbourhood-wide bulk messaging tool

Neighbourly Leads have the ability to send a neighbourhood-wide private message to all Neighbourly members in their suburb. These message requests will be reviewed by the Neighbourly team and approved before sending. When a neighbourhood-wide message is not approved, the Neighbourly team will be in direct contact with the Lead to provide guidance.  

Neighbourhood-wide messages sent by Leads must be:

  1. Locally relevant for suburb members
  2. Beneficial for suburb members 
  3. Within the Neighbourly Guidelines

Examples of suitable neighbourhood-wide messages include:

  • a hyper-local event (something unique to your neighbourhood)
  • an important local crime or safety matter affecting the wider community
  • a gathering you're organising as a lead for your community
  • a reminder about a council submission affecting your neighbourhood
  • rallying support for a new local resource eg a new playground

Please note that neighbourhood wide messages should not be business related, campaigning for local officials or focused on a personal perspective or concern. 

Each Lead is able to send one neighbourhood-wide message each month. In the event a Lead wishes to send a second message, please contact the Neighbourly team directly. (OR please contact Ash Ogden directly).