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What should I do if comments on my post are getting off track?

Some posts on Neighbourly attract more comments than others - especially when your neighbours share different opinions on a topic. It's important that Neighbourly members show tolerance and respect towards each other when contributing to any discussion on Neighbourly, even if they don't agree with what others have said. 

If you're concerned that your post is getting off track or the discussion is becoming unfriendly, there are a few things you can do:

1) Disable replies. If you feel your post has run its course, you may wish to disable replies. You can find this option by clicking the '...' button below your post. Your post will remain on the Neighbourly noticeboard but neighbours will no longer be able to comment. 

2) Remove your post. It is possible to remove your post entirely from the Neighbourly website by clicking the '...' button and selecting 'Delete'. Your post will no longer appear on Neighbourly and you will not receive further notifications about this post.  

3) Take control. Sometimes a comment from the post owner is all that's needed to refocus a discussion. Consider posting a friendly comment reminding neighbours to please respect each other's opinions, to think before posting and to abide by the Neighbourly Guidelines at all times. 

4) Contact your Neighbourly Leads or the Neighbourly team for further support and advice.