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What should I do if a member's comments are upsetting me or I don't agree with them?

Just because a person shares a fence or neighbourhood with you, this doesn't mean they'll always share your opinion. When contributing to any discussion on Neighbourly we ask members to show tolerance and respect towards other members, even if they don't agree with what's being said. 

Before replying to a message on Neighbourly please consider the following:

1) Are my comments better sent in a private message? 

2) Are my comments likely to upset other contributors and readers?

3) Am I contributing positively to the thread (even if the post itself is less than positive)?

4) Do my comments relate to the discussion or will I be hijacking the post

5) Are these thoughts I would stick on a lamppost outside my house?

6) Are my comments in line with the Neighbourly Guidelines


If you believe another member has breached the Neighbourly Guidelines, please follow these steps:

1) Send a friendly private message to your neighbour and gently suggest another way they could word their post

2) Get in touch with your neighbourhood Leads for guidance

3) Flag the offending post or reply for the Neighbourly team to review

4) Contact the Neighbourly team and explain why you feel a post is breaching the Guidelines