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My business has received negative feedback on Neighbourly

Neighbourly is committed to providing a platform that is both useful and enjoyable for neighbours and businesses to use. While we encourage Neighbourly members to keep it positive and focus on recommending the many great service providers out there in our communities, every so often you might notice or receive some less positive feedback about your business.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when handling negative feedback. You might find these tips useful across other social media platforms too.

  • Always respond positively to questions and comments from Neighbourly members.

  • Try not to defend your position. Instead let the member know what you're going to do to rectify the situation (if anything).

  • Clarify your position within the business when relevant. Using your name and title is a good idea and will be appreciated by your neighbours.

  • Consider whether a conversation is better taken ‘offline’ and continued using the Neighbourly private message service (Inbox).

  • Encourage your happy clients to share their positive experiences on your business profile.

  • Focus on posting community-minded messages and building a positive business profile. Take a look at these topic ideas for a little inspiration. 

  • If you ever see a post or reply that you believe breaches the Neighbourly Guidelines, please report this message for review by the Neighbourly team. Just click the ‘...’ button below a message to report it.

If you believe a review or other content posted by a Neighbourly member is harmful in any way, you can submit a complaint to the Neighbourly Team.