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What can I do if I see a business review I disagree with?

Neighbourly has been designed to help bring communities closer together through positive interactions and discussion. To create the most neighbourly environment possible, we encourage members to focus on spreading the word about the many great businesses out there in our communities.

However, we know that from time to time a review of a business or service provider that is less than favourable may appear on your Neighbourly noticeboard. In the event that you disagree with an opinion or experience another member has shared, we ask that members show tolerance and respect, and assume good intentions in others when contributing to the conversation. 

This goes a long way in helping make Neighbourly a positive platform for you and your neighbours to enjoy, and also encourages more of your neighbours to participate.

If you strongly disagree with a review, you could consider doing the following:

1) Share your own positive experience involving the business, focusing on what makes them great (their affordability, quality of work etc).

2) Contact your Lead for guidance.

3) Hide the message from your noticeboard.

4) Mute the member who has made the post.

6) Get in touch with the Neighbourly team. If you ever see a post or reply that you believe breaches the Neighbourly Guidelines, please report this message for review by the Neighbourly team. Just click the ‘...’ button below a message to report it. 


What about negative business reviews? 

Neighbourly members are welcome to post their business reviews and experiences on the site. Negative business reviews will not be removed by Neighbourly unless they breach the Neighbourly Guidelines.

Please note that the Neighbourly team is unable to determine whether information in a review is true or false, and posts are reviewed in the context of the Neighbourly Guidelines

If you believe any post or reply breaches these Guidelines, please report it to the Neighbourly team for review. 

If you believe a review or other content posted by a Neighbourly member is harmful in any way, you can submit a complaint to the Neighbourly team.