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I want to hide my street number

If you wish, you may display only your street name on your profile. But before you make the change, take a look at the help article on whether you should hide your street number.

To hide your street number using your computer

  • Visit your profile by clicking MY NEIGHBOURLY in the top right-hand corner of the page 
  • Decide how you wish to SHOW YOUR ADDRESS (street number and name or just street name)
  • Click the SAVE button at the bottom of the page

To hide your street number using your mobile device

  • Tap the top right-hand corner to visit your profile
  • Select the PROFILE tab
  • Tap the button next to "show my full address", selecting ON to show your full address, or OFF to hide your street number
  • Tap SAVE

Showing your street number helps to build trust among neighbours. This trusted environment leads to better communication amongst neighbours and fosters a stronger community.