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Open vs Closed Groups

As a member on Neighbourly you can choose to create a group for people who share similar interests, or you may be able to join an existing group. Groups may be open or closed and there are differences between the two.

Open Groups

  • Are open to anyone in your neighbourhood or nearby neighbourhoods
  • Allow neighbours to join a group without seeking approval
  • Allow any Neighbourly member to read the group’s messages regardless of whether they have joined the group
  • Have public member lists

Closed Groups

  • Are limited to those people a group moderator adds or approves
  • Neighbours not part of the group may apply to join, at which point moderators may choose to accept
  • Have messages which are only viewable by members of the group
  • Any neighbours who are not part of the private group as well cannot identify you as a member of a private group (unless you are a moderator, in which case you will always be listed)

Changing the status of your group

If you are a creator of a group, there may be times when you wish to change the status of your group from open to closed, or vice versa. When you are making the closed to open switch it is particularly important that you discuss this with other group members first, and clearly notify all members of when this change is going to be made.