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Recommending local services on Neighbourly

If you’d like to recommend a local service in your area, head to Neighbourly's Recommendations page within the Classifieds section. Your neighbours will be able to see all the great places you recommend, and you’ll be able to ask your neighbours for advice on their favourite local services.

To create the most neighbourly environment possible, we encourage members to focus on the good qualities of a service, such as affordability, reliability and quality of work. If the business you're wanting to recommend is a home-based business, eg handyman or babysitter, they might appreciate a heads up from you before you pass on their contact details to other Neighbourly members. 

Please note - you must have actually used a business or service to post a recommendation. If you would like to recommend or promote your own business or services, please do this from your business profile

To post about or request info on recommendations using your computer

  • Visit the Recommendations page, within the Classifieds section on Neighbourly
  • Click in the white box that reads POST A MESSAGE, EVENT, POLL OR URGENT ALERT TO NEIGHBOURS
  • Select RECOMMENDING if you would like to recommend a local business, or LOOKING FOR if you are looking for a recommendation
  • Select a category and sub-category
  • Choose the neighbours you wish to post to, plus enter your subject and message
  • Click POST

To post about or request info on recommendations using your mobile app

  • Tap in the white box that reads POST A MESSAGE
  • Select MESSAGE
  • From the first drop-down menu, choose the suburbs you wish to post to
  • From the second drop-down menu, tap RECOMMENDATIONS 
  • Select either RECOMMENDING or LOOKING FOR.
  • From here, a list of categories will appear underneath for you to choose the category and then further subcategories for your recommendation
  • Tap DONE
  • Add a subject, write your message, then tap POST