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What is the Neighbourly Business Directory?

The Neighbourly Business Directory is your first stop for finding local trades and services around your home and neighbourhood.

At Neighbourly we believe local businesses play a huge part in the health of our local communities, so we're encouraging local businesses and consumers to connect and create stronger, safer and friendlier places to call home together.

We still ask that everyone plays ball to create a great environment and enjoyable experience on Neighbourly, so it's important that businesses don't post excessively (ie spam) the website.

We encourage you to follow local businesses you'd most like to hear from to ensure you're the first to know their news, deals and other behind-the-scenes info! However, if you don't wish to follow business posts, just untick the 'Business' filter at the top of your newsfeed. Don't worry - if you do untick this box, you'll still see posts from businesses you've chosen to follow.