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Using Neighbourly to help prevent crime in your neighbourhood

Crime prevention and community safety are the cornerstone of what Neighbourly is built on. Here are some tips on how your crime prevention group can get the most out of using Neighbourly.

  • Mention crime and safety when inviting your neighbours to join. Explain that Neighbourly can be a heap of fun if they want to get fully involved, but at the very least you would like them to be involved with crime prevention in the community.
  • Organise in-person events and meetings via Neighbourly. Organise a community crime watch meeting to get to know your neighbours so that each of you can keep a better eye out for each other.
  • Get urgent alerts via text message. By registering your phone number with Neighbourly, you can receive urgent alerts direct to your phone via SMS text message, as well as via email. Neighbours should send urgent alerts when they notice suspicious activity or serious safety issues. To be notified via text message, you must register your phone number on the mobile phone settings page.
  • Report suspicious activity or safety issues to your neighbourhood.  It’s easy and fast to post a message or send an urgent alert to all your neighbours.  If you send an urgent alert, Neighbourly will immediately send an email and a mobile phone text message to your neighbours on Neighbourly. Please note: You should always call 111 first in case of an emergency.
  • Create or join a private Neighbourly group for your crime prevention group. This option enables private crime prevention groups to have private conversations that are only visible to each group’s members.