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Using Polls on Neighbourly

Polls on Neighbourly allow you to easily gather the opinions of your neighbours on a particular topic. Like posts on Neighbourly, polls can be shared with your neighbourhood, your Nearby Neighbourhoods or with members of a group you belong to. Any Neighbourly member with whom the poll has been shared can cast one vote, and the results are then displayed to other members of the neighbourhood or group until the poll is closed.

All votes on polls are anonymous, and the creator of a poll can close it at any time. 

To create a poll using your computer

  • Visit your neighbourhood’s news feed. This is the page you start on when you first log in to Neighbourly
  • Click in the white box that reads POST A MESSAGE, EVENT, POLL OR URGENT ALERT TO NEIGHBOURS
  • Select the POLL tab
  • Choose who you would like to see your poll. This could be your neighbourhood only, your Nearby Neighbourhoods, or a specific group you are a member of
  • Add a poll title
  • Add a description
  • Enter your poll choices in the fields. You can add more than two answers by clicking the ADD ANOTHER CHOICE button
  • Upload an image or document if you wish to
  • Click the POST button


To create a poll using your mobile app

  • Tap the NEW POST or POST A MESSAGE option on the home screen
  • Tap POLL
  • Add a Poll title and description
  • Tap the bottom white box that reads ADD A CHOICE then tap ADD - complete this step until all poll choices have been added
  • Tap POST


To vote on a poll using your computer or mobile app

  • Locate the poll on your neighbourhood's news feed. 
  • Select your answer from the available choices
  • Click VOTE

If you wish to remove your vote, simply click the VOTE button again.