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Should I hide my street number?

While most Neighbourly members choose to leave their full address displayed, you can hide the street number if you wish to.  This is a personal choice for each member but here are a few reasons why showing your full address makes your Neighbourly experience an even better one:

  1. It helps you know who your neighbours are - and vice versa! By sharing your street number you're able to show your neighbours that you're living right next door which is the first step in creating closer neighbour-to-neighbour connections.  You can say hi to "Bob from number 3" and "Barbara from number 18" just by checking who lives where in the Neighbours Directory. 
  2. It helps kickstart connections. Sharing a little information with a few people in your suburb is a great way to start the connections - plus we like to think that for the little bit of yourself you share you'll have a neighbourhood full of people watching your back in return. We ask members to share their real name, address and when they moved to the area - if you'd like to share more you can do so in your personal profile
  3. It tackles community disconnectedness. Neighbourly has been set up to tackle the tough challenge of building connections with people living in our own neighbourhoods and those close by. These days, one of the biggest challenges facing our communities is that we no longer know who lives where - even those living right next door!

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