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What does Neighbourly consider a business?

When we notice a Neighbourly member selling items or promoting their services on Neighbourly, it's sometimes tricky to tell what's a business post and what isn't. 

We're always happy for members to offer help and assistance to their neighbours in their local community, but if this message is advertising or promoting any paid service in exchange for money, these messages need to be posted from a Neighbourly business profile

Below are some of the guidelines we work off to help us make decisions around self or business promotion.

  • Is this a user's regular occupation, profession or trade?
  • Are the products/services being promoted provided by a registered company?
  • Are the products/services being promoted from a GST registered person or business?
  • Is the member advertising similar products regularly through their own website, a Facebook page or other business directories?
  • Does the product or service have a brand attached? eg logo or company name
  • Is the product or service associated with network marketing or direct selling?
  • Is the post in question a one-off post or a message that has been repeated?
  • Are proceeds from the products/services part of the member's general income? ie. is it part of their core livelihood?
  • Are the products/services suitable for a community audience?