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    We can both gutter clean and softwash your roof and buildings

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About Skyhigh Roof and Gutter Cleaning Limited

skyHIGH Roof and Gutter Cleaning Ltd operate a specialist high reach gutter cleaning service. We have based our operation at Clevedon, South East Auckland. From this location we can provide a service as far North as the Auckland Harbour Bridge as well as cover the Northern Waikato and Coromandel.

We provide both a commercial and residential ground based gutter cleaning service to a 12 metre height using the most powerful, fully portable, self contained vacuum system in the world.

The best thing is you do not need to be on site to provide us with any power. All we need is clear access to minimum 1 metre width around the building with any dogs locked up and we are underway. Thereafter the vacuum system will draw at 8000 litres of airflow per minute to clear your gutters of debris.

Whilst we may use some water from your hose to wet down the gutter contents for easier removal, we do not use water for flushing or gutter washing. Please refer to the video demonstration on our web site for more details on the vacuum process. ( www.skyhigh.nz... )

In addition we can also softwash your roof and gutters with Wet and Forget once we have completed the gutter clean out. This will remove moss, mould, lichen and algae and complete the cleaning process.



Skyhigh Roof and Gutter Cleaning Ltd.

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