About No More Pests

Effective Pest Control For Your Home & Business. Free quotes Auckland Central to Wellsford. David is a registered technician registered approved handler certification, with over 30 years experience. The pest control vehicles are plain and not sign written so you can be assured of our discretion and confidentiality from the moment you call. Commercial & residential buildings are often home to pests, and keeping these under control is important for the health of your staff and family. We enjoy our role in keeping these clean and pest free. So, over 30 years ago, initially in our home town of Christchurch, we began our property care & pest control business to provide a comprehensive array of cleaning services to maintain homes and business buildings, pest control was a big part of this and we mainly focus on this aspect of our business. When we moved to Auckland 20 years ago nothing changed, only our location.
We love to leave the job knowing we have achieved a great result.