About Ellerslie Veterinary Clinic & Cattery

Excellence in Veterinary Care is not just our motto - for us it is the standard of care we aim to provide. Whether it's a routine health check, an emergency surgery or a diagnostic work-up, you shouldn't have to worry about how to get the best medical care for the pet you love.

The Ellerslie Vet Clinic is a full-service clinic and utilize in-house blood chemistry and blood cell analysis, urine analysis, digital radiography, ultrasonography, ultrasonic dental scaling and polishing and dental radiography, blood pressure measuring, ECG, microscopy/cytology and other services.

We offer a Drop-Off Service if you are unable to stay for an appointment. Simply download and fill in our Drop-Off Form at home, bring it with you and we will call you after completing the physical exam to discuss your pet's needs.

For your cat's comfort we have a separate cat waiting room which leads to our cat consultation room, a room reserved and designed exclusively for our feline patients. We use a soothing pheromone to help your cat feel more relaxed during the visit.

Each of our exam rooms features a large picture window to incorporate natural light. We also created a large dog consult room to meet the special needs of your fellow friend. When you visit your hospitalized pet or have lengthy waits during surgery or other treatments/diagnostics, our calm and comfortable Tranquility Room allows you to rest or to spend quality time with your pet.

Do you have a plan in place for who will care for your cat the next time you leave town, have a kid's party or relocate? Why not let Ellerslie Veterinary Clinic & Cattery become your cat's home away from home? Your kitty is always welcome to stay with us, where he or she will receive all the attention, care and TLC needed to feel right at home while you're away.