16 Tindalls Bay Road
Tindalls Beach
  • Maths Tutor: Y2 - Y12
  • * Learning Specific to Learning Needs of student
    * Focus - progress maths achievement and confidence

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About EducateNZ - Maths Tutoring

Maths Tutoring for students Year 2 - Year 12
Tutoring is provided by direct sessions at the Learning Centre in Tindalls Bay and at Red Beach School or by Direct Video Link (for students who can not travel). Sessions are 1 hour. An Online Independent option is also provided. I have students as far away as Queenstown linking in for a 1 hour weekly session.
All students have their own unique Learning Pathway related to their specific learning needs.
EducateMaths students (on average) are making 18 months Maths age progress in a period of 1 year. EducateMaths aim is to have all students achieving above the standard expected for the student's age group.
A Tutor monitors each students activity, achievement and progress. Reports are eMailed weekly to inform parents of the above.
Students have follow up activities to complete during the week. Student who have particular difficulty through the week can arrange extra video sessions.
Book a free consultation meeting through the website.