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Christchurch Central
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About Clinical & Pharmaceutical Research Trust

Over the last 25 years we have been known as the Lipid and Diabetes Research Group. We have played a major role in pharmaceutical drug trials and academic research in Canterbury. Our areas of special interest are those that are very common in NZ: Diabetes, Heart conditions and Vascular Disease, blood fat disorders (Cholesterol) but we also research into a diverse range of related health issues such as high blood pressure, excess body weight, immune tolerance. Many of the medicines that we have helped develop are now prescribed on a daily basis in New Zealand. We are also very active in preventive trials, to try and avoid development of illnesses, especially in the over-65’s.
Get in touch with our unit and enroll to be involved in one of our current or future research projects. Travel expenses are covered. www.cprt.co.nz...

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