About Beaver Road Pet Motel -- Boarding Kennels & Cattery

All pets are housed in their own individual units overnight, unless otherwise requested by their owners (for example if several pets from the same family prefer to stay together.) Each unit is fitted with a bed and blanket.
If you think your pets' stay will be more enjoyable and settled with a reminder of home, please bring familiar bedding or a toy. However, we do supply all of these things and remind owners that due to your pet being in unfamiliar territory, we have seen a blanket, beanbag or toy return home in a very different state!
Please name any item that you leave with your pet.

Exercise :
Weather permitting, pets have the freedom of the exercise areas all day! Small, medium and large dogs are provided access to separate exercise areas where they can mix with similar size dogs. Dogs who prefer to play alone (or that do not mix well with others) will be exercised in separate areas individually.

Tranquil Settings:
Surrounded by our landscaped gardens our boarding kennels, "home from home" provides spacious accommodation for the comfort of your pet.
Each kennel has an individual indoor/outdoor run leading to eight fully fenced outdoor grassed areas.
Situated seconds off the southern motorway EXIT 473 & minutes from Bombay village & Pokeno on the corner of Razorback Road & Beaver Road East.

Vaccinations and medication :
Please bring your pets' vet certificate with you on arrival. All pets are required to have up-to-date vaccines.
Any necessary medication for your pet will be administered Free of charge. Please ensure any medication is named & clear instructions given.